Since 2000 Francesca Hudson has exhibited her artworks in galleries and private collections across the UK and overseas.

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Hudson’s paintings are a personal response to Britain’s larger sense of identity.

With so many conflicting ideas of the future and the past influencing our group consciousness, it can become difficult to select a personal identity from the shelves. As a painter using mixed media, the images, patterns and objects which Hudson selects are an attempt to create a personal brand from these extremes of influence.

“Combining patterns and styles from history with references to modern life offers an endless source of inspiration. Painting allows me to express the humour I find in these contradictions.

In my painting method I strive for a balance between control and accident, combining found textiles and applied paint into the surface to give the pieces depth and unpredictability. The differing surface media catch the light, so that the painting stays alive and changing for as long as it exists.”

– Francesca Hudson

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